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Saturday 22 June

Saturday 22 June

🌕 Good Afternoon,
Khalid- I spent 40k on prescription glasses

behind my lens

Khalid- I spent 40k on prescription glasses

Welcome to our new series titled “Behind My Lens” where we share experiences of Nigerians who are doing both the big and little things and how they navigate wearing glasses either as prescription or fashion with their work and lifestyle.

In the first episode of #behindmylens, we have Khalid who is an environmental engineer living in Berlin. He started using his very first prescription glasses in 2007 and spent 40k on a pair of glasses he’s still using since 2019.

Can you tell us your name and what you do?

My name is Khalid, I am an Environmental Engineer.

What’s your earliest memory of glasses?

Hmm, I started using my glasses in 2007 just after completing secondary school, should have started using much earlier but you know African parents, lol

How did you know you needed to start wearing glasses?

I used to have a problem seeing the chalkboard, this was a big struggle cos I had to always copy from my classmate next to me even though it was just right in front of me, it affected my learning cos I couldn’t follow whatever the teacher was teaching. Another annoying thing back then was that I only recognised ppl when they get close to me, or I judge ppl by their gait. I was often accused of being snobbish but mehn, no be so. I couldn’t just recognise you.

A lot of people assume people who wear glasses are nerds or geniuses, Have you ever gotten any glasses privilege?

Glasses privileges? Yea, there’s a common notion that brainy ppl use glasses but have met a few “not so smart” people who use glasses too and I think there’s this unconscious feeling that makes you want to read everything the moment you start using glasses, feels like you see everything cos I try to read everything that crosses my sight cos of the advantage I had using an aid, maybe that makes you know too much that other people.

My eyes got bad cos I often sat at this position in our sitting room that was very close to the TV, the screens back then were not UHD like we have now…they emitted much more UV rays that are quite bad for the eye, I think this affected my eyes and again…I used to drink Garri en ! Forget!

Don’t we all love garri? What’s the one thing you like or enjoy about wearing glasses?

Hmmm, I really can’t say to be honest…does it make you look cute? I really can’t tell but maybe It makes ppl take me seriously when I talk even if I’m saying nonsense

What is one thing you dislike about wearing glasses?

Yes, I remember my first glasses were a pair. One for reading and another for sight but I met an optometrist who said the initial recommendation was not so good.

As I grew older I spent more on caring for my eyes, to be honest, and my frames got more expensive that came with peace of mind though cos a low-quality frame can mess you up when you least expect it. And getting a new one is never as easy, only if you have a spare (never had one though)

What’s the highest amount you’ve spent on eyewear?

I think 40k, that’s what am currently using and it has served me to be honest quite durable, cos I remember how my optometrist convinced me to get it and I almost changed my mind.

Are there any glasses from Mint Eyewear that you own or would love to own?

I will surely like to own one…shebi you have a discount

Can you tell us one fun fact about you?

One fun fact? Hmmm, I don’t like crowded places


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